SmartThings DTH questions for Red series Fan/Light LZW36

Hi everyone! New to the Inovelli community and devices but a long time SmartThings user here. I love this red series controller, but have some questions about the DTH that I’m hoping to get some clarity on.

  1. The parent device shows up as an adjustable fan, but there’s just a single variable control on it. Adjusting that changes both the fan and light simultaneously

  2. OK, so there are two sub devices. One for the fan, one for the light. But both register in SmartThings as switches. The fan one should show up as a fan, I would think? I have some GE/Jasco in wall fan switches as well which are nowhere near as cool BTW- but their DTH registers as a fan.

The reason this is important is…

  1. I also use the HomeBridge/SmartThings integration to link my dozens of ST devices into HomeKit. I registered the Innovelli fan device into this integration, but it shows up as a binary on/off switch rather than a variable multi-speed fan. I’d be very happy to walk someone through this setup on a zoom or something if you’re interested. It’s a pretty common scenario, and I think highlights an area for improvement in the DTH.

Also, I’d love to know if there’s a way to make the fan DTH always start at 100% power and then scale down to the selected speed; this is far better for AC fan motors than only giving them 20% power to start with - doing this increases wear on the motor over time. Those GE/Jasco in-wall fan controllers do this by default.

Thanks so much in advance!