SmartThings Edge Drivers?

hi, I understand the bulbs are supported by the smartthings’ standard edge drivers, aren’t they? I tried excluding them, factory resetting them and then adding them again but they’re still running on the device handler instead of the edge drivers . am I missing something?

@tangelogee was able to include his with the Edge Driver after removing the DH. I’ll link his post below.

The common understanding is that the Github Production fork is the one that directs which Edge drives are loaded upon adding the device to the hub. If you look at the Production branch for the Edge drivers in Github, there is not a Zwave Bulb directory as there is in the Main Branch. So it seems that ST has not yet decided to incorporate the Zwave bulbs into the Edge rollout.

That being said, there is a Zwave-bulb directory in the Beta branch and the Ilumin bulbs are listed there. I’m not sure, but I think these drivers are available to users that signed up for the ST Edge Beta program. So based on my limited understanding of this implementation, you’d have to be a member of the ST Beta program to get those drivers to load. @tangelogee may be able to shed more light on this.

AFAIK, Inovelli has not released their own beta for the bulbs . . . only the switches.


They do use the SmartThings Edge drivers, but you need to remove the DTHs for the bulbs and some other devices from your account at

Here’s a screenshot of all of the DTHs I’ve removed before the bulb used the Edge drivers.

Once I removed them, the bulb installed using the ST Edge drivers. I’m not sure why the NZW DTHs needed to be removed, but they did. I haven’t added the blue series DTH to my account yet, so that one shouldn’t matter.

Any luck with child device conversion to edge drivers? See [ST Edge] How to create child devices with edge? - #42 by nayelyz - Writing Edge Drivers - SmartThings Community

Hello, I am new to the Edge driver update and I have Smartthings v3 hub running Inovelli LZW30 / LZW31 switches currently. Can you please point me to instructions with all steps to update to Edge drivers? Thanks!

try this thread:

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Hello and thanks. That link took me a page that knows my hub location (street name) and had links to install the red and black series. But no clue where it installed them. I was logged into Groovy at same time so I think that’s how it knew me.

But is there something I need to do first at the Samsung end as far as getting off Groovy? I saw videos on this but not clear. If you know a list of steps for Smartthings v3 hub, please let me know. Thanks.

So at this point, if you want to covert your Inovellis over to Edge, you are going to have to remove the switch from the hub, remove the DH from the IDE and then re-add the switch. It should pick up the Edge driver during the re-add.

Once you’ve added, open the device’s page in the app, and select Driver from the 3-dot menu at the top right. You may see both the stock Edge driver and the Inovelli-made one and you can choose between them.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of removing and re-adding, I would just wait for ST to do their automatic conversion, after which you should be able to switch to the Inovelli-made driver.


Got it, thanks a lot!

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so if i have a number of switches, i basically have to remove them all first, then remove the device handlers, and then set them all up? How do you remove device handlers, dont exactly see how. I added a new switch without removing the handlers and all the new features appear there, but groovy still shows it as cloud

If you are not in a hurry, I would leave them as-is and let SmartThings migrate them. According to ST, this will occur sometime between Oct 15 and the end of the year. That saves you from having to delete and re-add, put back all the notifications, etc. At that point, if you wind up with a default Edge driver, you can simply reselect the Inovelli Edge driver from the menu (that you won’t have until ST automigrates the device).

Anything that gets added presently will use an Edge driver, even if there is a legacy Groovy driver present.

Yes, ignore that. The IDE is going away and doesn’t interface with Edge, so the cloud designation is incorrect. Ignore it.


Bry, thanks for the quick and thorough response. Good to know about the potential auto transfer. I may just end up doing it anyway as my automations are pretty weak and planned on overhauling anyway. Especially with the proposed Google home changes coming. Good to know I can remove one at a time and re add without deleting all at once to remove the dh. May just do some as I feel up for it

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Any update on the expected availability of the edge drivers for gen 1 switches like NZW30?

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So I have a bunch of switches and wanted to “beta test” the new Edge driver on just one of them…but I’m having issues. After enabling the new Edge drivers, I unpaired this switch and then attempted to re-add it… it came up with nothing but a Z-Wave Generic driver. I tried a bunch of different things but was unable to make it work / recognize the switch at all. So I ended up unpairing it and trying to add it with the old Groovy device handler… but now the system seems to think it’s installed but the switch no longer reacts to any kind of commands. I’ve factory reset it and tried again, but now all I have is a switch that turns on and off if I push the toggles, and that’s it. Help?

When I enabled drivers through some kind of website (the Red series driver now reads as “installed” and says that I can’t uninstall it because it’s in use).

So you’re are trying to have a Red Dimmer or Switch re-added with an Edge driver, right?

1 - Remove the device via the APP. Open the device in the APP. 3 dot top ritght, Edit, Remove Device. Force remove if prompted.

2 - Zwave exclude the device in the APP. Open the Hub device in the APP. 3 dot top right, Settings, Zwave Utilities, Zwave exclusion, hit the config or the Inovelli 3x. It should tell you it’s excluded.

3 - Re-add the switch and let me know what happens.

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So that didn’t work directly, but I think I figured out what happened. The old device was still hanging around on the graph API website, and the new device was actually there but wasn’t getting added to the room I was expecting it to be added to. After deleting/ excluding the device and waiting a good long while (I went to dinner), I came back and added everything successfully.

In theory I won’t have to do this for my other switches, right? ST will upgrade all of them for me automatically?

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That is what they have said. Supposedly between the 12th or 15th and the end of the year. What you may have to do is switch to the Inovelli driver from the generic driver, but that is just a matter of selecting it from the Driver menu of the device card in the app.

I understand what you mean about the device not winding up in the correct room. If you start to add the device in a room and you use the option to pick the brand, device, etc, it winds up in the same room. But if you do a Scan Nearby (I don’t use the QR, so no security), then the device will wind up in the No Room Assigned. I always rename the device as soon as it adds to make it easier to find if need be.

I’ve also seen a device supposedly removed via the app still remaining in the IDE, so that’s not unusual.

BTW, if you have to remove any others and they are the sole device in a Routine, put another device in the Routine temporarily so ST won’t remove the Routine when you remove the device.

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That is what they have said. Supposedly between the 12th or 15th and the end of the year. What you may have to do is switch to the Inovelli driver from the generic driver, but that is just a matter of selecting it from the Driver menu of the device card in the app.

Thanks! Do you know if this process will also convert my definitions in the Lighting App to Routines?

I am not sure how that will shake out. There is a new Smart Lighting app which you can play with. There is also a thread in the SmartThings community that discusses a beta migration for that app. If you find that thread, that will give you further info.

Smart Lighting (the smartapp) is being replaced by a new module, “Smart lighting” (lower case L for some reason). It’s already available in some regions, although its a bit hidden. They are working on an automigration between the existing Smart Lighting and the new “Smart lighting”, some of us have been on the beta test for that migration. All my SL automations copied from the old to the new just fine. I would expect them to start moving more people soon.

The new SmartApp is located in Automations->+ ->Create routine ->Discover tab->(Scroll down to the end) Smart lighting. Once you add one it will be added to your regular automations list in the SmartApps section.