SmartThings Edge Drivers?

With the SmartThings announcement yesterday regarding Edge drivers, any chance we can get Innovelli drivers into the beta? :slight_smile:

Local execution will be huge!


Oh yeah baby, we are in their Alpha program and have seen these drivers in action for our Red Series switches. Not only do we have the man, myth and legend himself @EricM_Inovelli working on them, but we also have the top engineers at SmartThings who have Inovelli products at their personal houses who have already coded a lot of the drivers for their personal use lol.

We’re for sure on it - very exciting times!!


I’m generally excited for this. Is there a timeline where the switch drivers can be distributed for testing? I did sign up for the SmartThings Hub Beta (Samsung Home Connect V2), although I don’t think they’ve accepted my application yet.

This new announcement made me brush off the dust and plug back in my SmartThings hub. I’m personally wondering now if I could replace my Homebridge installation w/ the SmartThings hub too. Plus I may start porting over my multiple ESP8266 things as well.

I’ll let @EricM_Inovelli respond to this, but some also may be subject to the NDA we have with SmartThings. I think they’ve made a public announcement here, which should free us up to say things, but you never know: Announcement | SmartThings Edge for Devices and Automations - Announcements - SmartThings Community

Yeah I’m super excited about it. Really miss my ST hub tbh!

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I’m a willing beta tester. Already running some Edge drivers so have some experieince getting it installed.

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Would there be any difference in edge drivers over hubitat drivers other than local execution?

You don’t need the beta hub firmware for Edge drivers. The current V2/V3 public 38.X firmware supports edge drivers.

In my particular case, I have the Samsung Home Connect v2 Hub (integrated mesh wifi). I’m currently on 36.05, and I’m starting to guess that maybe v38 doesn’t exist for this particular unit yet.

Ah yeah, Connect Home and SmartThings wifi always lag a version or two behind V2/V3/Aeotec. There’s no beta program for them either.

Are the black switches also going to have the edge drivers? I recently bought a bunch and was really hoping it would be local.


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Will the edge drivers allow us to add double tap actions to ST automations by chance?

Any updates on these? Need any help testing?

@EricM_Inovelli any progress made on the edge drivers?

Beta drivers are being shared on the forums for a significant amount of products already.


We have beta drivers for the LZW30(-SN), and LZW31(-SN) in our github. Currently doesn’t support notifications and associations, but everything else should be supported:

Eric, do you have the URL for the channel so we can install them and keep them updated as you make updates?


How does one install these drivers from GitHub? I am using some Edge drivers from a developer on the SmartThings Community and his drivers install by using the Add Device option in the SmartThings app. Is there some way to do that here with the Inovellie Edge drivers? Thanks.

The easiest way is for the developer to create a shareable URL for their driver channel. Then all you need to do is login and approve installing them. You will need to exclude you devices and re-pair them, though.

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Oh, yeah, there is that: excluding and re-paring. Forgot about that. Not sure if I want to do that until the drivers are final. I was wondering about it all because when I press the toggle in my bedroom it takes a second or so before the lights actually come on and I figure that’s because it’s not being executed locally. Thanks.

Is this a load wired to the switch? If so, it has nothing to do with local or cloud, as that doesn’t factor into a load wired to the switch when you press the paddle. That’s the 700ms delay. You can turn that off.

Not sure what you mean by load wired to the switch. This is a black dimmer switch with no neutral. How do I turn off the 700ms delay? Is that in the instructions or something I can do with the SmartThings app? I suppose it might be in the manual which I still have so I could check. Ha. Thanks.