SmartThings Edge Drivers?

Sorry, I have only used the developer method of installing the drivers. I’ll get it setup the other way to make it easier for you guys.

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Open the switch settings in the app. You will see an entry for it. Firmware 1.19 and later.

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Duh. I forgot about the 3 dot menu and edit/settings. Thanks.

I’m getting used to the new development process, so I’m not sure if these URLs will be for the final version, but . . .

SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

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This is awesome, thank you for sharing.

Any thoughts on when the notifications may be added?

I’m not quite sure. I’m trying to find the best way to do it. I don’t know if it would be a custom capability or what. I’d prefer to have it integrate into the rules / automation that are already built into SmartThings. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

For notifications, easiest way is automation, IF something, THEN Notify.
Otherwise, It would need to be custom capability

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@EricM_Inovelli I am testing a lot of Edge drivers on SmartThings.
Is Inovelli Dimmer NZW31 w/Scene supported with this driver?

I’d guess custom capability would be your best bet.

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Those drivers won’t work with our 1st gen devices.

Edit… So I had some issues with my switch yesterday. Possibly related to testing the edge drivers, possibly related to my zwave mesh or even smartthings itself. Anyway, during my testing, it looks like you can’t create child devices. This is a huge deal, specifically the led color and the disabling physical switch. Any plans on getting child devices on the edge platform? Thanks!

Hi @EricM_Innovelli and friends, I have my Samsung V2 hub running edge, and my red relay switch, perhaps first generation, works with the SmartThings dumb edge switch driver and routines, and and I can’t get the Innovelli edge switch driver to work at all. Won’t turn the relay on and off, won’t work for routines. Switch back to the dumb driver and it’s fine. Routines work in local mode on the dumb edge driver, no more “can’t work the light switch when Internet is down”.

Are my problems with the Innovelli driver perhaps because the switch is 1st gen? How can I tell? When do you expect you can get 1st gen switches into the driver?

Which button is which? I see three buttons in Smartthings, they are, I guess, the top and bottom of the paddle and the configuration button. More intuitive names than “button1” would be appreciated.

Edge looks interesting, it might be possible to share the drivers with other platforms, including Open Source ones, if Samsung doesn’t try to enforce intellectual property rights over their APIs.

It’s probably time to create a discussion category for edge.

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In the IDE, open the page for the device and copy paste the raw description up to and including the “ver” here. That will identify the switch version.

So there are Groovy drivers and there are the new Edge drivers for SmartThings. You refer to both “dumb Edge drivers” and “Edge drivers” in your post, but there is only one Edge driver. I was thinking that by “dumb Edge drivers” you were referring to the established Groovy drivers, but also stated that those ran locally, which they shouldn’t for Inovelli switches, since the DH isn’t local to the hub.

In any event, the Edge drivers are in their infancy, so you should not expect them to work properly. Development of the Edge driver is presently underway for the Zigbee switch, so I presume if and when Inovelli wants feedback on the Zwave side, they post here.

Additionally, the beta Edge drivers to not include the typical features, so even if those drivers work partially for you, I wouldn’t expect the button function to do so.

Inovelli will have to answer regarding if v1 switches will be supported by Edge.

Hi Bry,

By “Dumb Edge Driver”, I refer to the edge “Z-Wave Switch” driver, version 2021-12-16T21:50:11.81822, which is an edge switch driver written by Samsung. This is our only option if we want to use Innovelli switches on Edge and the Innovelli driver isn’t working, as at present.

Yes, I understand that the driver is beta and that I shouldn’t expect it to be fully functional at this point. However, the entire purpose of releasing beta drivers is to get early users and feedback. Obvious beta users on this channel are seeking to communicate with the Innovelli developer directly - I doubt there is much that others can do to help them, so please consider the signal/noise ratio when you respond.

I was really hoping that once on Edge, I would never have to touch the Groovy IDE again. I will check if it actually does provide information on a switch that I have installed using an Edge driver.


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For edge beta users, it appears the driver source is here: SmartThingsEdgeInovelli/Drivers/inovelli-switch/src at main · InovelliUSA/SmartThingsEdgeInovelli · GitHub

I really appreciate that this is public, even though there isn’t at present a license. FYI, the default in copyright law is “all rights reserved”, since about 1981.

One piece of feedback, the ABC Button Controller now shows the individual buttons 1-3 separately with no way to identify which switch they are associated with. See screenshot. This was a change I was not expecting when moving to the edge drivers. With many dimmers there will be lots of button1/2/3 with no way to differentiate them.

Also, sorry if I missed it, now that SmartThings shows buttons 1/2/3 with loads of pushed, held, etc combinations, they do not map back to these instructions any longer.

This is also how they show up in the Smart Lighting app in SmartThings. I am not sure how to create scene automations using the new edge driver and an Inovelli Red. Now that I have a few of my Reds switched over I have several button 1/2/3s that show up in lighting automations.

The Z-Wave button edge driver with an aeotec button controller represents the button actions as shown in the attached screenshot.

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For now we just have to ignore those extra entries. If you scroll down you should be able to find the actual device. If you choose the actual Inovelli device you can then use the button mappings like in the past.

Any plans on child devices being used for edge devices? What about for black series switches?

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At this point, it’s generally better to avoid Groovy apps like ABC button controller and smart lighting with Edge drivers. Edge, and ST Schema and all the newer integration methods handle button capabilities and multi component devices differently than Groovy did. So they generally don’t play nicely together.

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