SmartThings Force Edge Driver instead of DTH?

Thought I’d try here before going over to the ST community.

I know we’re in the, “final stages” of the DTH to Edge Driver conversion, but I also feel like that’s been the case for a while now (I get it, we have the same setbacks with projects) so I’m hoping someone can help who’s maybe gone through the same thing.

Currently all my Inovelli devices have successfully transferred over to Edge Drivers and most of my Hue lights have too.

But I have maybe 10 of them that are stuck on DTH’s and I can’t figure out how to force them to a specific driver.

They show up as, “Light” whenever I remove/re-add them.

I checked IDE and I don’t have any personal device handlers installed anymore:

I’m assuming this is a built in ST DTH, but I don’t know how to access/delete them. Is there a way?

Thanks for any help!