SmartThings Hub post groovy


I am sure there is an area in the forms that covers this but I cant find it.
If there is can someone direct me there.

I bought two Inovelli sensors years ago.
They are both linked to a SmartThings v2 hub (not the Aeotec hub)

I set up one of them so I can see everything (motion, temperature, humidity, and luminescence)
The other sensor I was fine with motion and temperature.
Now I am left regretting my complacence.

I cant figure out how to set up my second sensor on the new ecosystem.
The settings from the first one transferred over with the first one so I am good there.
I am enrolled in the SmartThings Drivers Beta and am trying to figure out where to go from there.

At a lack of a Invovelli sensor driver I am looking at the generic z-wave sensor driver.
If I cant find anything I am going to try it.
If that doesn’t work I am going to try to disconnect and reconnect the sensor with the generic driver installed.

I will update this Topic as I learn more.