SmartThings - Lighting Automation Issue - Red Series Switch

I have come across a weird issue in SmartThings. I have both Inovelli Red Series switches and dimmers.

I want to use the Configuration button on a red series switch as a button that I can use to switch of a series of other devices when I leave the house .

From the smartthings app - I go to "Automations’ and then scroll down to SmartApps where I select Smart Lighting.

I then select New Lighting Automation.

I pick the devices I want to control - these are lighting switches. (Interestingly the switch with the button on that I want to use is in this list)

I then go to Select Trigger - and Button

It then asks ‘Which Button’
The list includes what looks like the majority of my switches. It does not include the switch I want to use.

It also includes some others which look like an error of some description. eg
Configuration button - in the list twice
Down button - in the list twice
Up button - in the list twice

I tried both of the configuration buttons - neither choice works.

I am trying to understand why the switch I want to use is not showing in this list. I excluded and readopted with switch to see if something screwy had happened in the setup. That didn’t change anything.

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure why SmartLighting isn’t working for you, but the best way IMO to code this is by using a Routine instead. The flow makes more sense as well.

Before you create the routine, ensure that the switch whose config button you want to use as a trigger is running the Inovelli Edge driver.

Got it …thanks.

I have kept digging on this, and it looks like I had the old version of the smart lighting app


Yep, that would do it. The new one’s icon has 2 arrows encircling the bulb.