Smoke / CO Detector

I like serval others on the Home Assistant, Smart Things, and Hubitat boards am looking for a hardwired and interconnected z-wave enabled smoke / CO detector. Is this something that you could produce. The current products out there right now; like the first alert combo and the first alert or the onelink fall well short of a local solution that most of us are looking for. I’ve attached links to the threads on other forums where people are doing everything they can to come up with a solution, but it is still just a hack job.

The First Alert Z-Wave detector is entirely local and probably exactly what you’re looking for except that it’s battery powered and not hardwired (and not interconnected as most non-wired ones aren’t, though there are some proprietary means).

Something else you might want to consider that isn’t exactly what you’re asking for: the Ecolink Firefighter. I didn’t see it mentioned in any of those threads. It’s not a smoke detector in itself, just a device that listens for standard smoke or CO alarms. If your alarm are interconnected, you’d only need one and could place it next to any of your detectors–then you can get the exact smoke detectors you want, probably for a lot cheaper and with the features you want, and just supplement the system with one of these.

This is still battery-powered (at least officially) and won’t tell you anything about the room/zone, so your request still certainly stands as something you can’t quite get yet, but just thought I’d throw that out there as something that would work today. :slight_smile:

I currently use the First Alert Z-Combo devices and agree that it’s a short-coming that they aren’t hardwired and aren’t interconnected. But, they do what they say on the the tin, so I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed, either. Next time, I plan to go back to “standard” hard-wired (and interconnected) detectors. The thing I’ll do differently is to include a smoke detector relay (something like the First Alert RM4) and use that for integration.

Personally, I’m not concerned about which detector tripped (I’ll be headed for the nearest exit) but it would be nice to turn on all the lights (maybe flash the outside lights), shoot out a text message for the alert when we’re out of town, and potentially hook into the security system.

I use halos… you can find them on ebay for $50 or $60. There is a hubitat driver that works for detection as well as setting the light color. They work via the interconnect and will shoot all kinds of messages when one goes off. I have ours set to notify us via the hubitat app as well as flash all lights in the house. Not ideal, but for the next 8 years, we are good to go