(SOLD) For sale: 15 red series switches (including dimmers and on/off - LZW30-SN, LZW31-SN)

For sale:

4 Red Series On/Off Switches (LZW30-SN)
11 Red Series Dimmer Switches (LZW31-SN)

These switches look like new (as far as paddle and visible parts goes).
Some of them were in places they were barely used such as closets and hallways and some others triggered by automation or pico remotes in more convenient areas.

Some are missing the heat sink on one or both sides (required to install multiple switches on a single box). All tested and properly excluded from my z-wave network before I pulled them out.

Shipping from zip code 33411
Feel free to PM me an offer.

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I might be interested in the dimmers. Do you mind if I ask what you’re replacing them with?

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Thanks to all of you that reached out. All the items were sold.

I replaced with the blue series.
Mostly so I could bind switches together on a 3 way setup and also bind them directly to philips hue lights.

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