(Sold) - Fs: 10-unit box red series dimmer LZW31-SN LZW30-SN

i bought a ton of these to replace all light switches in the house, but have had a change of heart – interested in the potential of matter (blue series) and I’m not in a huge rush to install them.

i wish i had the time/energy to part these out, but i do not. I’d prefer to sell as 10-unit boxes. I have two boxes (a total of 20 switches) of the red series dimmers that were never opened, and one box of 10 on/off red series switches.

1: 10-unit box of lzw31-sn, unopened, shipped for $520
2: 10-unit box of lzw31-sn, unopened, shipped for $520
3: 10-unit box of lzw30-sn, never installed, shipped for $475


Any of these left?

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yup! these are still available.

Would you consider splitting them? I need 2 lzw30-sn and 1 lzw31-sn. Let me know. Thanks.

I’d go in on these with you. If seller is willing to ship twice. Or I buy all and sell you two. We can work Something out.

I’ve only got the one box of 10 dimmers left. if there’s interest in a two people splitting it, I’m pretty sure i have two individual switch boxes that i could use for shipping. that’d enable an 8 / 2 split.

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I need 3 dimmers. If your willing to either split or sell, I’m in.

I’ll take 3 off your hands.

Let’s do it, OP- would you be willing to come down slightly on the price? $470 for the 10 which would mean if the other takes 3 he pays $141 and I’ll pay $329 ? Thoughts?

I’m good with that number.

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I’ll check if i can scrounge up 3 boxes. I’ll be back home in 2days, so i can update then.

unfortunately, i can’t go lower on the price, especially since this means 2x shipping costs.

i found a box that can fit 4, so i can split the second package to up to 4 units. let me know if you’re still interested.

Not sure if you have any left, but I’m interested if you do. Whatever quantity is available

Just so we’re on the same page. You can ship 4 red series dimmers? if so, then i’ll take them.

the last box is spoken for, but I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work out.

thanks for the interest!