SOLVED: Blue Series Ground Wire Pinch Plate Stuck

Hey all,

The ground wire pinch plate on my blue series switch seems to be stuck. Whether the screw is all the way in or out, the pinch plate does not move. I’ve tried to move the plate with a small pick but nothing seems to make it budge. There is no jiggle to screw when the screw is out (of which it should). Any thoughts what to do here?

Screw in:

Screw Out:


How to fix ground plate screw/ground plate on Blue Series - Switches / General Discussion - Inovelli Community

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Ah thanks @hydro311 Apparently I can’t search the forums well…

@Eric_Inovelli is this the recommended approach for this? 3 out of 6 from the replacement blue switches have this issue for me.

Yeah that thread is the recommended solution. This is being addressed with the manufacturer right now :confused:

Kk thanks