Sorry all for going MIA

Hey all,

Just wanted to apologize for not being in the forums as much as I should be and for not interacting and/or updating projects as I should.

Between the weather screwing up our house/office, being short on staff, etc – I’ve had to prioritize answering tickets, dealing with new windows, new fence, tree removal, roof issues, etc (dang tornado) as well as just overall operations.

Well, the good news is that we’ve hired a couple of customer service representatives, one of which has been crushing it and is a fellow forum member and the other just started today, so I will have more time to allocate towards the community, beta testing, etc (which is where I want to be!).

Give me a few days to get caught up with everything here in the forums and I will make it a priority to get back in here and try to answer everything daily or at least every other day.

I’ve been lost without you guys!

Eric H.


Ouch! Very much understandable!!! Hopefully, the fixing-up is going well. :blush: