Speed of Blue Vs Reds Notifications

I’ve been really curious about the speed difference of Red vs Blue switches, primarily the notification bar. Has anyone swapped their Red Switches for Blues? What was the experience? I know this can be apples to oranges so I’m assuming results may vary.

  1. How does the speed of led bar notifications compare?
  2. How many Red Switches did you have?
  3. How many Blues do you have?
  4. How many devices on each network?

I feel like this is a tough comparison. Packets are going to be sent very quickly on both but a lot has to depend with the network and controller more than anything else

In theory, the Blue’s should be faster. Zigbee transmits around 2.5x faster than zwave if I remember correctly.

In practice, there will be too many variables in each configuration to really say. But if all things were equal, and networks functioning flawlessly, I would say the difference in speed likely wouldn’t be noticeable.