Standing desk - RGBTW

Considering adding LED strips to the back of my 72” standing desk. Thoughts or success stories to share on using the RGBTW?

@Eric_Inovelli had some light strips on his desk. Pretty sure it’s set to Aurora.

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@spartans32 – this you? I read it this morning and meant to comment:

I used to have a standing desk, but have since gone the lazy route and sit all day lol. I do have lightstrips on my sitting desk, but it’s on the hutch part that’s above my monitors to provide some ambient lighting.

What would you use the lighting for on the standing desk?

It would definitely look cool – especially with aurora lol!

that is moi.

Yea, ambient lighting in my office now that it’s getting dark at 3:30pm, trying to avoid using the overhead or buying Hue’s if I can.

EDIT: Also, I guess I’m missing the Aurora reference.

Sometimes you can see some good ideas here:

Oof, I thought it was bad here getting dark at 5ish.

Here’s a shot of mine – I’m a color guy so I don’t usually do the circadian rhythm stuff for ambient lights.

Lol, it’s all good – my favorite, “effect” on the lightstrip is Rainbow Aurora. Long story short, when we told the developers to create an aurora effect, they came back with this weird rainbow thing that looked nothing like an aurora. However, I loved it so much that I kept it and use it everywhere honestly.

Here’s a video of it: