Star Wars print and cut-out for dimmer and 2-1 switches

Several years ago, @Eric_Inovelli posted a file that had a shadow figure of a Star Wars Jedi. IT could be cut out and put under the (at the time) dimmer switch. Does anyone still have that file? I am swapping out my Red Series on/off switches with 2-1 (zigbee and soon to be z-wave). I’d like to have a few of those Jedi cut outs for them.

Let me see if I can pull that up – @Courtney_Inovelli can you dig through Brianna’s stuff if I don’t get to it within the next day or so? I believe it’s in the marketing folder somewhere.

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Unfortunately I cannot find it but maybe Eric will have better luck! I will keep digging though.

FB Post on May 4, 2020 has the graphics

I’m guessing this was just done digitally and we do not have an actual file for it.

Awesome! Thank you @Bry. You will be my son’s hero when I get these taped up.

@Eric_Inovelli and @Courtney_Inovelli, I appreciate you both for helping to find the graphics.

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Link to the post

Here’s the cut-out!