Stumped by LZW45 LED strip buttons

I’m a pretty low-skilled user of my Hubitat but recently added a LZW45 light strip under my kitchen counters. I installed the drivers and connected the device to my hub with little issue (though I had to delete a section of the driver that kept giving me an error).

Something I can’t get to work is controlling the dang thing with the buttons on the controller directly. If I hold the up button the dimmer goes to full, and down to off, and I changed the ramp time. But how can I just hit the big button to turn it on and off? Is there a way to cycle through colors using just the controller?

I tried using the Advanced Button Controller app on Hubitat to set these up through there, but I can’t get it to do anything. I feel like I’m missing something big and obvious here.

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Which part did you have to remove from the driver? I’ve never had an issue with it.

For button controls look at the manual.

When I had the strip I would just control it from the device parameters via browser vice setting up scenes from the controller.

i too would like to know if this is possible, currently ran into another issue with a black series dimmer and some hue bulbs but ill look into this when i have the chance.