Suggestions for Canada seller

Sure amazon is really a good partner but you might check with aartech if not already done? They are the biggest online HA store.

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Awesome @simriv123, we’ll check it out! I’ve heard it before on Red Flag Deals, but never realized it was a large store!

Honestly, the only reason we use Amazon up there is because it’s easy to just ship the product directly to their warehouse and let them handle the logistics. But as you can see, Amazon also comes with some issues whereas hopefully aartech is a little more flexible and friendly in helping when something goes wrong.

@anon14959390 you want to look into this with me early next week?


Thanks @simriv123 for the recommendation!

Nice! I’m happy to help you guys. Anytime :wink:

Yeah, they have a bricks and mortar store here in Oshawa, just east of Toronto. I have dropped by a few times to buy SLA batteries for UPSs.

We stopped by there 2 weeks ago when we were in Toronto. Hoping to get things listed for you guys there soon!


Just wanted to close the loop here and let everyone know that Aartech currently carries our products :slight_smile: – thanks @simriv123 for the recommendation!