Swapping switch locations

Not sure if this is possible via Zigbee binding, but I dislike a few of the locations of some of my switches that my builder put in. Some of the locations feel a bit illogical to the lights the switches turn on. I know with Zigbee binding we can bind multiple switches together as if they were multi-way. However, what if I wanted to have two switches swap controls with each other, ie: one controls the power on the other’s switch but not use them in multi-way.

If they’re both in smart bulb mode and you have smart bulbs in both locations this is very easily done.

SBM makes sure the smart bulbs receive constant power. Then just bind each switch to the bulbs you want them to control.

Unfortunately they’re both dumb bulbs. One I plan to put smart bulbs in…the other are recessed can lights.

I’m not sure if I am understanding this correctly, but I think you have two switches that control separate loads and the loads are dumb bulbs. You want to swap the control of the switches so that each of them controls the other’s load.

If that’s the case, disable local control for both of the switches. In other words, turn on local protection so that the paddle press of the switch does not affect the wired load.

Then create automations where a single press up and a single press down will turn the other switch on and off. If they are dimmers, then you’ll have to use the multipresses to set varying dim levels.


That sounds like it’ll work. Unfortunately that also means if my hub goes down, the switches won’t work…hmmmm.