Sweet New Hype Video!

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but it’s our cool new hype video. A local agency created it for us and they’re awesome.

Shout out to Overneath - these guys do an amazing job. They did our video last year and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they crushed this one:

Anyway, just wanted to share!


I’m on vacation this week and since I found this switch, that I can’t order it on amazon… I certainly checked every page on the internet with the word “inovelli”… I must’ve ran into that video a couple of times Hahaha.

And I do refresh that amazon page every hours.

Can’t wait anymore! If I ordered them that night I would have been installing them right now :frowning: instead I’ve done the laundry. Well… At least the wife’s gonna be happy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol – oh man, lesson learned – impulse purchasing is your friend! Next time, don’t think, just do :rofl:

We talked internally and we’ll definitely put up the Red Series for Canada for a couple days when it’s back up!

I still haven’t heard anything from them. Pretty frustrating.

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Just in case… I just bought 2x black series. Not sure I really needed them but I might use them in the walk in.

I’m the worst for my wallet :frowning:

By the way… I’m running homeseer hs3 pro and I’m a French frog from Quebec if by any way you need something related to that and that I can be of any help… Let me know!

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Hey @simriv123, really appreciate your comment and support… specifically, buying a few switches strictly based on contingency. :smile:

Also, we appreciate the Quebec connection and offer of help! I had to write because the thing that immediately came to mind is that we could really use a hand with our Quebec provincial sales tax forms. The Quebec website is only in French and our collective French is remedial at best! :wink: Totally joking. But in all seriousness, thanks for joining the community and for being a part of Inovelli!

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My sympathies on the QST forms… been there.

Eagerly awaiting the Red Series on the .CA as well.


Not sure I can be very helpful regarding tax but if I can help you with French / English for that particular matter then I can try. I’m surprised you didn’t find the information needed in English because since it’s in Canada, i’m pretty sure they must do it in both languages.

Maybe I can help you find your information in English if you tell me what to found in French.

No worries, @simriv123! I truly appreciate the offer, but I won’t drag you into that (wouldn’t be very fun, I’m sure) :slight_smile: . We were able to get some help through our friendly Canadian CPA, so we should be all set! :+1:

Man that’s a slick video. That company is seriously talented. Did you have to give them much direction on what you wanted?

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Yeah they’re awesome. They’re local too and great to talk to.

We actually came up with the video concept internally. I saw these two videos and thought… Dang, that would be cool if we could take the intro from Apple (instead of the history of the keyboard, show the history of the light switch) and the hype from the Wyze video (at the 25 second mark) and make this come to life:

Apple: https://youtu.be/-cOVmcQHg2I
Wyze: https://youtu.be/PlqfKYmxmYk

They came in to our HQ and used some fancy equipment and then just crushed it.

I’ll have @Brianna_Inovelli share the behind the scenes footage. It was pretty cool!

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I have to agree with @Eric_Inovelli, it was pretty cool watching them film against a green screen and then seeing the vision come to life! Great stuff! I filmed a little behind the scenes that you can check out here: facebook.com/theinovelli/videos/1257324987803090/

While you’re there… if you haven’t already liked our facebook page… I’d be super happy if you did :slight_smile: