Switch does not work with 2 smart Innr Bulbs

Trying to get a Blue Series 2-in-1 switch to work but it has odd behaviors. My house is old and this switch box has just line and load in it so this is non-neutral. I wanted a physical switch to turn on colored smart lighting for my office. The fixture seems to work fine with one Innr smart bulb but not with 2.

When I have 2 bulbs in the fixture, the switch when turned off will not turn back on. The LED bar on the switch is completely off. The switch acts as if it is not powered by the wall at all.
If I unscrew one of smart bulbs from the fixture then the switch lights back up in the off LED bar state.
I can then turn on the light switch turning on the light. I can then also screw in the second bulb and have that bulb lit as well.
But if I turn the light off, it then power cycles the lights and switch on and off. The LED bar turns cyan before turning off on repeat every second. The Light turns on and off when the switch is “powered”.

I’ve tried checking the wiring, as well as installing 1 and then 2 bypasses to see if it was a power issue, but it doesn’t seem to be changing anything.

1 smart bulb and 1 LED or incandescent bulb works fine, but obviously isn’t desired because they don’t work in smart bulb mode in an ideal way.

Smart bulb mode off seems to be mostly fine, but then my smart bulbs are not powered. Sometimes when turning the switch on the light turns on and then off quickly, but then works fine on the next switch on.

Same behavior for Home Assistant or local control of the switch.
No clue how to fix, my bedroom is the same no neutral with 2 smart bulbs in the fixture and works great.

In the bedroom, are you using identical Innr bulbs with the switch in the Smart Bulb mode, or are you using a different smart bulb? If it’s working in the bedroom with different bulbs, it’s sort of sounding like a bulb compatibility in a non-neutral configuration issue.

Yeah, I’m using the same brand same model Innr Bulbs that are listed on the compatable smart bulb list. Both the office and the bedroom have those bulbs. Doesn’t make sense to me why it works fine with 1 bulb but not 2.

Shot in the dark, but maybe try factory resetting the one with the issue in the event something crept into the configuration. You’ll have to reset the for non-neutral.

Okay I actually factory reset the switch this time, was not doing it correctly before.
Once reset, switch was working as expected. Put into smart bulb mode, lights stayed on when the switch was on or off so thats good.

Now I bound the 2 light bulbs in a zigbee group in home assistant to the light switch and the behavior returned same as before.

The video tutorial for zigbee binding showed binding level control to the switch, so not sure if I’m doing that right. Unbinding that seems to have not reverted the issue.

Ok, so the switch is working mechanically as it should, but you’re having a binding issue. Someone knowledgeable w/HA binding will comment.

I’ve reset it again. It looks like this behavior happens whether its bound or not. If both Smart bulbs turn off then the switch loses power. Sometimes when the switch turns back on, it flashes cyan green blue as if the switch is wired incorrectly or is resetting itself.
If the switch is flashing on and off after “losing power” if I turn it on while it is “powered” then it sometimes turns on.

That is the switch rebooting and in a non-neutral configuration, the classic indication of a lack of power. If you do not have the bypass(es) installed, I would put them back, even though they may not immediately solve the issue.

Thanks for all the replies. I do have 2 bypasses in right now, so I guess I’ll check the wiring again. I think the bypasses are working correctly though because when the light is functioning normally, it still has an LED indicator light lit with no bulbs screwed in, which wouldn’t happen with no load on the switch.

Edit: Also the light switch goes on this on off cycle when dimming both smart bulbs in home assistant to a low setting. Sounds still like a power issue to me, but not really sure how.

Edit 2: Wiring looks fine to me. If smart bulb mode is disabled, the lights turning off when the switch turns off and cut power to the bulbs works just fine. Lights turn on and off no problem. So maybe smart bulb mode is doing something weird.

Hey Alec,

I just responded to your ticket and then realized that @Bry was taking care of you (thanks Bry!) and he went through everything I was going to do so feel free to disregard the response to the ticket.

You’re correct here and this to me tells me that this sounds like a binding issue which we can take a look into real quick.

Can you tell me what’s happening now that the switch seems to be behaving correctly from a mechanical standpoint? Like, what is the behavior when you turn the switch on and off in smart bulb mode?

I am having the exact same issue with two BR30 White innr bulbs. I have a 4-way setup, non-neutral with aux boxes, with two non-smart LED bulbs, on and off work as expected. If I put the two innr bulbs in and hit the power on button, the switch power cycles. Interestingly, I can put the working bulbs back in, turn them on, and swap the innr bulbs in one by one, and everything stays on. But then if I turn them off, and try to power back on, the switch power cycles. Same as OP, if I have 1 innr bulb, and 1 non-smart bulb, that also works.

I haven’t tried swapping in some unused hues yet, I’ll try that this evening to see if innr is the problem… this has been driving me crazy all day.

These are the innr bulbs - Amazon.com

This is the behavior with a factory reset and 1 bypass in the light and 2 innr bulbs in the socket. Switch is single pole non neutral.

Non smart mode - Normal expected behavior. Light turns on and off, no loss of power or connection to the switch.

Smart bulb mode - Normal expected behavior. Lights stay powered whether the switch is turned on or off. Switch doesn’t “lose power” LED acts normally. Lights don’t turn off yet as they are unbound.

I just air-gapped the switch to put it into pairing mode for HA. When the airgap was pushed back in, the lights flashed on and off about 4 times before turning on. Switch LED was flashing cyan, like when it flashes cyan, green, blue but it only could make it to cyan each time.

So probably not the binding then, maybe the switch itself?

This behavior was the same that happens when both of the smart bulbs are turned off. Device power cycles until it sometimes turns on.

So here’s an update. Still not working as I’d hoped. I switched this Inovelli blue switch with another one and it seems to be the fixture and wiring, not the switch.

I just don’t understand how in non smart bulb mode, 2 LED light bulbs keep the switch powered when power is off to the bulbs, but 2 Smart LED bulbs when turned off can’t keep the switch powered while still sending full power to the bulb in smart mode.