Switch Meant for an RGB

How about a switch that can control an RGB bulb or strip? Right now the only market is touch screen devices that are expensive, chinsy remotes that get lost, or RF devices that need to be wired to the strip. I would think a switch that has the ability to send power to the device all the time with a physical switch (on/off or dimmer), as well as something that can control the color of the devices. A wheel or a number of small buttons for color?

Hey @mparadis – first, thanks for joining the community! Welcome :slight_smile:

So, a couple of questions here as I think through this:

  1. Are you thinking about a normal sized, “in-wall” switch (ie: looks like a normal decora style switch)?
  2. If so, would this switch control a dedicated bulb or strip or were you thinking there should be a way to somehow switch between various bulbs, strips?

What you could do (granted the downfall would be a lot of memorization) is use a scene enabled switch (such as our On/Off Switch (Red Series) | Project Lights Out - #2 or Dimmer Switch (Red Series) | Project Lights Out - #2) and control the bulbs, strips that way, while also modifying colors or dim level.

For example, I actually do this in my daughters room, who has our light switch and Hue Color Lights.

Here’s what she does:

  • Tap UP 1x = Turns Hue bulbs onto last level/color
  • Tap DOWN 1x = Turns off Hue bulbs (does not cut power to them)
  • Tap UP 2x = Turns Hue bulbs to PINK (100%)
  • Tap DOWN 2x = Turns Hue bulbs to 75%
  • Tap UP 3x = Turns Hue bulbs to PURPLE (100%)
  • Tap DOWN 3x = Turns Hue bulbs to 50%
  • Tap UP 4x = Turns Hue bulbs to GREEN (100%)
  • Tap DOWN 4x = Turns Hue bulbs to 25%
  • Tap UP 5x = Turns Hue bulbs to BLUE (100%)
  • Tap DOWN 5x = Turns Hue bulbs to 10%

Basically the UP part of the toggle will change the colors and the DOWN part of the toggle will change the intensity.

If the Hue’s were Z-Wave bulbs instead (they’re ZigBee) you could actually control the bulb dim level at the switch by dimming up and down like a normal switch.

The downside to this method, as mentioned, is that only you would likely know the colors and tap sequence.

Would we may be able to do is somehow associate the color of the RGB LED Bar on these switches to match whatever bulb you’d like to control (ex: through the config button, you could select CYAN and then whatever bulb is associated with that switch would turn CYAN) – but I’m not honestly sure if you can do that (I’ll have to ask the wizard – Eric M.).


Hey Eric,

In response;

  1. Yes a normal sized switch, though depending on configuration a 2 gang may be beneficial
  2. My thought was that it controls a dedicated bulb(s)/Switch(es). Sort of like a controller that is mounted / powered in a normal in wall switch outlet and controls the load optionally or controls the devices via the home automation but has a physical dedicated way to manipulate the colors / hues etc.

Ideally this would be something that doesn’t require memorization so that guests (also my wife) can use it without remembering whether it was 3 taps up or etc. Granted I haven’t found a ton of need to change the color of this bulb right now uses but I think a switch like that would certainly increase the use of the color changing bulbs.

I am not sure there is a clean way to do this and I certainly haven’t seen anything for sale yet that I loved or had to have (unlike your new switches!)



Hey so I just talked to Eric M (our CTO) and he has one of these associated with a Z-Wave light strip controller:

Is this kind of what you’re looking for?

Similar but better and less gaudy. I have not come across the z wave versions before though.

I really like this idea. I have had the same thought for while. Using a phone for operation is clunky and slow most of the time. The UI is probably key, I will look to see if there is anything out there that has a good interface.

If you guys made this I would pre-order about 5 of them right now. The biggest thing I don’t like about these particular ones is they are not decora, although that is not a deal breaker.

I personally think the options available on this one are perfect, static RGBW, brightness,color wheel, white temp cycle, effect and 3 scenes. If you guys at all consider this please let me know I’m about to pull the trigger on one for the time being but would much rather have all inovelli switches.

What smart app are you using to do the colors? I don’t have Hue but have 2 lightify cans in my sons room. Using ABC manager currently but it doesn’t have set color options.

Great question – I just use the generic Smart Lighting App within the Classic App.

Here’s essentially how you do it:

  • From the, “My Home” screen, click on, “Marketplace” and then, “SmartApps”
  • Then click on, “SmartThings Recommends”
  • Next, click, “Smart Lights”
  • Click on, “Which devices do you want to control?” and select all the lights you want to turn off and click, “Done”
  • Next, click on, “What do you want to do?” and select, “Turn On & Set Color”
  • Click on, “Color” and select your color
  • Click on, “Dimmer Level” and set the level you want
  • Next, click on, “Select Trigger” and select, “Button”
  • Click on, “Which Button?” and select the Inovelli Red Series Switch you just installed
  • Where it says, “Button Number” click on whatever button you prefer (Button 1 Pushed = Tap up 1x, Button 1 Held = Tap down 1x, Button 2 Pushed = Tap up 2x, etc)
  • Deselect, “Toggle on & off” (unless you want to turn all your lights on from the same button tap sequence)
  • If you’d like this button to only execute during certain times, you can click the, “More Options” and put your times in — otherwise, just click, “Next” and, “Save”

Hope this helps!

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