Switch Times Out After a While + Home Assistant Help

Hi there,

I installed and got home assistant working right after my switch arrived because of the limited configuration available when using an Echo, so keep in mind I don’t really know what I’m doing and this could be my fault completely. I currently have four Zigbee smart bulbs set up in an automation in home assistant that waits for the trigger of the up press on the switch then sets all of the bulbs to on. This generally works as expected but every once in a while, especially after not using the switch for a period of time, when I click up once, the status bar brightens up, but home assistant never receives the signal and my lights do not come on. From what I can tell, it always works in the opposite direction (pressing down once to turn everything off).

Some extra things I’ll note, I have a light strip and a Zigbee plug that I am controlling with the switch as well (2x up press turns these and the 4 bulbs on) and the same issue appears to happen with them. After the status bar gets brighter and no lights come on, I need to hit down once then up again in order for it to actually work. I see scene control being mentioned in the manual but there is no guide yet and I mostly just want the lights to return to whatever state they were in before they were shut off rather than a state I specify in the scene and I wasn’t sure how to configure this.

Last note, I have another automation set up for dimming which watches for the up/down hold triggers then increases/decreases the brightness of all 4 bulbs. However this only goes in steps and not continuously, I need to repeatedly hold down, then let go, then hold down again in order to change the brightness. It also doesn’t animate the led bar on the switch up/down which would be an added bonus. Just wondering if someone could recommend a better way to do this.

Sorry I know this is a lot of info, I hope it’s comprehensible. Thanks for any help you can give!