Switch won't control light at all

Hi, I have a new model red series dimmer. It was working just fine (since December) until today when it decided it wouldn’t control the light at all (doesn’t work as even a physical switch/dimmer). It was stuck on, so I pull the air gap…then it wouldn’t turn on. Proceeded to flip the breaker as well, still no go.

Have restarted my home assistant/z-wave, but I doubt that has anything to do with this as it is not working even at the physical switch.

Any thoughts on troubleshooting this?

Can you try tapping the config button 8x?

Thank you, that seemed to do the trick…wonder if one of the kids pushed it a bunch of times in a row thinking they were hitting the switch to turn the relay off!!!

Now, to figure out why one of my node red automations stopped working and why one of my 3 way installs is wonky

3 way config (red series switch w/ dumb switch)

scenario 1: dumb switch off, smart switch relay clicks on and immediately back off
scenario 2: dumb switch on, smart switch controls light

can only use dumb switch to turn light off if smart switch was on in scenario 2…

Lol, never fails!!

Just curious if you programmed the switch to work in a three way. Here’s a knowledge base article that may help:

Here’s the specific video that you’ll want:

Keep me posted!

Hey, it’s a regular on/off switch and not a dimmer, so from reading other threads, I was under the impression that there was not a config on the on/off switch for 3-way. I have other dimmers in the house that are configured for this.

From what I’ve read there isn’t really a way around this…I do have another on/off switch in the same box (dumb switch also in the same box on the other end) that is working perfectly…and this one was working until it just quit.

So I might just have to swap out a couple dimmers that are in single pole installs for the time being to get full functionality…

Is there any progress on getting a config for 3-way in the on/off switches?

@tjohnstone3 - If you want to keep the On/Off switch, but still have issues with the 3-way from working properly, I’d recommend looking at AUX switches. It cleared up all 3-way issues I was having with my On/Off switches and they feel better than the standard toggle, especially when the other half stopped asking why one switch felt differently than the other. Worth the money.

I put in a few aux switches in other 3-way installs throughout the house, but haven’t here yet due partially to laziness and partially due to not being sure how to wire this one…

The “dumb” portion of the 3-way does not have a neutral wire in the box…it is literally the only box in the house without a neutral.

It does have line, load traveler and ground wires…would I be able to potentially jump the neutral from my smart switch the other end by using either the traveler or the load, which would no longer both be required with the aux switch?

@tjohnstone3 - Good news. The AUX switch doesn’t need a neutral and has been confirmed by Inovelli. You would just wire the aux switch using line and traveler from the Smart Switch. You can search the forums, but there’s a few threads that talk about it.

What @harjms said.

Presuming that you have a 3-wire between the two boxes. Connect the black of the 3-wire to the constant hot in the Inovelli box . . .the other end goes the the line on the Aux.

Connect the red from the 3-wire to the traveler on the Inovelli . . .that goes to the traveler on the Aux.

Cap off the white of the 3-wire on both ends. It’s not used.

Love this community, thanks for the quick replies on all of this!

I’ll try to take a look tonight, but might be tomorrow before I get a chance to test this out!