Tapping into a neutral wire on the same circuit

I live in a condo built around 2019
I bought inovelli blue switches

This is my situation.
2 switches in the same box.
Single pole switch
3 way switch

There is a neutral wire running thru the box down to an outlet below.

When I turn off the breaker to the switches the outlet doesn’t have power as well (I assume it means they are on the same circuit)

Can I pull the white neutral wire, cut it then add 1 neutral wire from each blue switch and tighten it all together?

Yes as it appears they share the same circuit. You may want to run a new wire from the outlet up Or you may try a wago 221 4 position just so you don’t cut the cable too short and make it hard to tie all the neutrals together.

Seems to be working well thank you