TechFox Review of Inovelli Switches

TechFox posted a really good and informative video of the switches he’s installed at his house. Some really cool tips/tricks in here which include: wiring, notifications based on alarm status, and more.

Probably one of the best videos on smart home tech I’ve seen in a while (and not just bc it’s our stuff lol):

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Great video!

Um, lineman’s pliers for the tabs . . not needlenose!

Interesting, I’ve always used needlenose. Put it parallel to the tab, wiggle it and boom, done. The lineman’s look a bit thick… Do you do it perpendicular?

Lineman’s pliers work way easier. Just has more bite. Yes, in perpendicular to the tab you’re removing. Much easier doing it before switch is wired up; unfortunately I always forgot it before wiring or went back to install more switches and had to remove two sets of tabs.

Yep, that’s the electrician’s go-to. It’s a heavy set of pliers which makes it easier. Great for bending and flattening bare copper too, especially #12 wire.

Well, I learned something new today - thanks boys!