Thread 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project Jonagold (White Series)

Curious if you have access to matter roadmaps? Did the new matter 1.3 features help in the LED animation space at all?

What kind of influence do MFGs like yourself have to the standards, etc? like Home Assistant folks are deeper involved in the zwave alliance, is there anything like that for Matter?

And just like that, we are mid June. Any updates for a realistic shipping date? I am building a new home and would like to have the hardware in hand before the electricians start wiring.



Could there be an alternate firmware for power users?

The actual product release has been completely in limbo for the last month and you’re hammering this thread about niche features that no one but you care about :sweat_smile:


I had some correspondence with Inovelli by e-mail yesterday, and they told me the switches should arrive by the end of July. I also put in a order for the fan switches, those aren’t expected to arrive until late August.


I mean I’m happy to wait for a good product but I’m definitely disappointed about an additional month of delay

In the past, multiplying any Inovelli pre-order shipping time estimate by PI would give you the actual delivery time… :roll_eyes:

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Looks like we are due another month and pi days of delay :smiley:

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Yes they should be here end of July. The thread certification took longer than normal since we have never done it before - the switches have been done for awhile but we had to wait for certification. I believe they are currently on a boat in the ocean which is generally 30 days shipping plus or minus a few days depending on how busy the port is.