Thread 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project Jonagold (White Series)

Happy to test on Home Assistant/Google.

Jumping in to hopefully become a beta tester. I’ve been following projects for a while now and would be interested in testing with Apple TVs/Homekit, and Amazon. I’m also a Philips hue user.

Happy to test on Echo and, of course, Hubitat.

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Would be happy to test with Eero, Echo and Hubitat.

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Exciting news, thanks for the update. I would be very happy to have the opportunity to beta test with HomeKit or Alexa.

Would love to test as a HomeKit user. I’ve got several other matter/thread devices in my home.

Thank you for the update! Would also love to be on the beta test list. Let us know if you create one!

I’m happy to test with Home Assistant/Google.

Happy to test with HA, Amazon, Google, Apple and Hubitat. I have a lot of experience in micro electronics and firmware development.

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Apple HomeKit, Hue Hub user with many matter/thread devices. I’m happy to test.

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I would love to beta test. I am primarily HomeKit based (multiple HomePod Minis, Original HomePod, multiple Apple TV 4K) with Wiz and Nanoleaf Thread lightbulbs. Also have a few Sengled Zigbee lightbulbs and Inovelli Blue 2-1s managed through both ZHA and HomeKit.

I am really looking forward to the Thread (and hopefully Matter) Inovelli switches. I just hope Matter allows a binding-like function in the future!

I would be happy to test Google Home / Home Assistant. I already have a couple other matter devices, as well.

Time is an illusion :hourglass: :slight_smile:. In all seriousness though, I’ve got quite a complex setup and would be more than happy to test. I’ve got a Hubitat (controls 74 Z-Wave devices and 32 Zigbee), a 3 Apple HomePods (which control ~15 devices [when it’s working] via HomeKit), and a house full of Google Home’s. And then we have a vacation house that is similar but on a smaller scale. Oh, and the houses are connected over an SDN-WAN, which pretty much breaks every assumption developers make about home subnets :smile:

I just pre-ordered 100 of the new presence-detecting mmWave’s that are due to ship in December, so I’m trying to decide if it makes sense to give up presence detection in favor of Thread/Matter (since it sounds like upgrading the mmWave to support Matter isn’t likely).

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Happy to test Home Assistant & Google. I live in Michigan, and spent years in Kalamazoo :slight_smile:

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Awesome guys, let me collect some information from everyone and I’ll be reaching out shortly.

We’re trying to confirm a question with the manufacturer surrounding updating the firmware as they’re stating that it’s not possible to OTA firmware until we’re Matter Certified. If that’s the case, it makes things a little more difficult. Standing by!


Happy to test with HomeKit/Apple TV.

I’m also very happy to test these out in HomeKit. I’ve been waiting for this exact product and am looking forward to replacing most of the switches in my house with these!

Thanks for all the hard work on this!

I have replaced most of the switches in my house with Blue’s, but I still need to purchase a dozen more. I would like these switches to be thread/matter capable. Either natively or through an update. At this point am I better off just preordering thread switches or is there a timeline for updating the Blue switches to MG24? @Eric_Inovelli

Any news on OTA before matter certs?