Tips before I begin an installation - 4 switches

I understand the most recent Inovelli red switches have changed the wiring, perhaps to ease installation.

My current setup is 4 dumb switches.

What is the method to add smart capabilities. Do all switches need to be rewired in some fashion or is there a simpler installation and the load and line ends?

I have installed 3 way switches in the past from leviton but those were smart dimmers on all switches. I’d prefer to keep the dumb switches installed this time.

Thank you for any tips before my family starts wondering why the lights stopped working.


Tip no. 1. Make sure open the correct circuit breaker. I thought I got the right one. Verified with my voltage pen. Grabbed it and got hit with the traveler voltage as it didn’t get picked up by the pen. Went over and saw I turned off the wrong breaker…doh.

Been there, done that. Use a non-contact pen now.

Haha, I think you have a pretty good idea. I’ve been waiting on the dimmer to install where my 4 way switch is. Hopefully it’s just a simple swap. Just make sure you find the true source.

Yeah, totally – it was kind of a pain with the Gen 1’s because you had to rewire the dumb switch as well. With Gen 2’s, you should (should… should… lol) be able to not have to rewire the dumb side.

While I don’t have a 5-Way drawn out yet, basically, what you’ll want to do is follow this logic (4-Way):

Here’s the full PDF for reference: Inovelli Wiring Guide for On/Off Switches

The important thing to note is that the smart switch needs to go where the line is located and there needs to be a neutral in that box as well.

Don’t be a hero – use a multi-meter haha!

I just wanted to drop off a note.

Your switch installed easily on the first try. It’s in a 5 way setup. I didn’t have to cap or change any existing dumb switches. If I were able to identify line and load without opening up the other boxes, then it would have been a simple one box switch swap.

Nice product!