Toggle on/off with bottom paddle switch for user compatibility with other installed switches in the home

Is it possible to have the lower paddle on a black series dimmer turn lights on/off for compatibility with other switches in the home. For example, to turn a light on with a single tap on the lower paddle switch and to also turn it off with the same action. Long presses on either the up/down paddle switch would still dim up/down as usual.

I don’t believe this is possible with the Black Series, but it may be possible with the Red Series depending on the hub you have. Which hub are you using?

EDIT: @CyberDude, I stand corrected – looks like @harjms was able to accomplish this with the Black Series

@Eric_Inovelli @CyberDude - I can do this with my black series through Rule Machine using Toggle. For example, I have my shower light (black series) turn on my bath fan (black series) and toilet fan (black series) via Rule Machine when the shower light is toggled “on”. I’m using Hubitat.

I’m using a Hubitat hub. Sorry to hear that the black series can’t do that, as I have a half a dozen of the black dimmers installed and my wife is used to just turning on/off a switch by pressing the lower paddle on the switch momentarily as other smart switches in the house work. For example, TP-Link wifi switches.

@CyberDude - Does my suggestion not meet what you’re needing it to do?

Perhaps my explanation was not understood by you and/or harjms. I would like to be able to turn on a room switch (not others) with a single press of the lower paddle on the switch, while still maintaining the functionality of dim up with the upper paddle long press and the dim down with the lower paddle long press. Or, do I not understand your solution with “rule machine - toggle”?

You may be edging more on the Red Series territory now that I’m reading your new question.

I’ll explain my scenario again as I recreated the rule last night. I wanted to turn on my exhaust fans when the lower light is turned on. By pressing the “top” paddle of the Black Series switch, it “triggers” the other two switches to turn on. The person no longer has to go to each switch to turn on the fans. I can set another trigger for when the shower light is turned off to turn off the exhaust fans too. This is using Rule Machine to “trigger” or toggle the other switches.

You could setup a rule to turn your outlet off/on by a conditional trigger. If paddle is pressed AND outlet is off, then turn outlet on ELSE if paddle is pressed AND outlet is on, then turn outlet off. However, if you’re wanting to using the dimming aspect of the paddle (black series), I think this is setup as an association and I don’t know if these taps will register correctly…if that makes sense.

I dont use Hubitat, and am not really sure what it is capable of, but I had a thought/theory:

Is Hubitat able to trigger automations based on commands sent TO the hub?

For example, if you add your hub to group 2 on the switch (basic set group), are you able to set up an automation like this?

if the hub receives a basic set off command from a specific switch
  and the specific switch has been in the "off" state for at least 1 second
then turn the specific switch on
else do nothing

Basically, if the hub receives the “off” command and the switch is already on, it will do nothing (because the switch will be turned off by the physical button press).
If the switch receives the “off” command and the switch is already off (make sure it is off for at least 1 second or so to prevent false toggles), then the switch should be turned on.

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll look into it to see if it is a possible solution.

Yes, your last paragraph kind of hits the nail on the head. I need to look into Hubitat a little deeper to see if this could be done as you described.