Transition Speed for LZW42 RGBW Bulb?

New Inovelli user, trying out one of the LZW42 bulbs in my outdoor driveway lighting setup (4 lanterns ultimately). I want to be able to do cool color scenes that I control with Home Assistant and Node Red. My question was about transition speed… I am sending various numbers for transition but the bulb does not seem to honor them. It will change colors instantly but transition from off to on and back very slowly. Is there a way I can control the speeds either on/off or to a color or ideally both?

Dimming speed (physical switch) is controlled by parameter 1 with a default value of 3 seconds (Min=0s, Max=100s). And the dimming speed (Z wave) is by parameter 2 which default to be in sync with parameter 1.

You can update the parameter 1 to the speed you want.

I know this is a HA thread, but I can’t see parameters in ST. I just get the color pre-staging, debug, and power outage state settings. Is this a DTH issue @EricM_Inovelli? I can also post over on the ST thread if needed.

Yeah, I think what @HimuraMOdo put was for the switch not the bulb – there’s no speed parameters with the bulbs :frowning:

What you’re seeing in ST is the only parameters the bulb has at this point.

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Bummer :frowning:

@Eric_Inovelli Is there any work being done to add speed parameters to these bulbs?

I really want to love them, but right now the extremely slow time to ramp up to full brightness from off is very annoying. I have quite a few of these bulbs, but sadly most of them are still in the box because I can’t use them in the fixtures I want to, due to the very slow response to being turned on by a z-wave associated LZW31-SN.

I’m more than happy to beta test any updated firmware for these bulbs, too.

Great question - we have a laundry list of firmware updates for our manufacturer that we plan to discuss this week.

This feature is one of them.

We’ve brought it up before and the issue we ran into was space constraints on the bulb memory, but we can try again as I think it was a cop-out for not wanting to work on it.

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Well, they could delete the fairly useless warm white and cold white color adjustment settings? I just don’t even see what the usage for these would be, I guess to artificially limit the white temp adjustment range? I honestly can’t imagine anyone is actually using these. That should free up enough space for some sort of “turn on duration” and “turn off duration” setting. Ideally, I’d like to see a 0 second turn on, and a 3 second or so turn off. So both of these being adjustable from 0-10 seconds would be plenty of adjustment.

I’d even settle for just a firmware update that simply removes the “dim from off to on” thing they do when turning on. When I hit the switch, I want light right now, not in 3 seconds. Dim to off is nice tho, as it gives time to exit the room before it’s dark.


Yessir - we will see what we can do! I’ll have @EricM_Inovelli follow up here as he’s handling the firmware requests with our manufacturer.


I know removing S0 support is already on the list, which should also help with this request. :wink:


Awesome. Anything to get rid of the annoying turn-on delay! :grinning: