Traveler terminal with 2nd non-smart switches

Can you explain how the traveler terminal for on/off switches works with the 2nd non-smart switches?

From the diagram of the 3-way with aux (2 terminal switch) the aux switch seems to connect the traveler to neutral. This would mean the LZW30 traveler terminal acts like an input to sense a change in the aux switch.

From the diagram of the 3-way with dumb switch ( 3 terminal traditional 3-way switch) the LZW30 traveler terminal seems to act like a 2nd output (in addition to the load terminal) to simulate the two wires of a traditional 3 way switch.

Great question!

You’ve pretty much summed it up as to how the switch detects the various secondary switches. The missing piece is that there’s an internal MCU that will auto-detect which secondary switch is connected to it.

When does the MCU figure out the secondary switch type? When first powered up? What if the secondary switch type is changed? After powering up the LZW30 I connected a switch between neutral and traveler and it tripped the circuit breaker the switch is on.

I’m afraid I’m past my level of expertise here being the marketing guy! @EricM_Inovelli – can you explain a bit further how it works?

@EricM_Inovelli , @Eric_Inovelli With nothing connected to the Traveler terminal it has around 56 Volts AC both when the LZW30 is off or on. Do I have a bad switch is this to be expected?

Can you draw out what you have setup? I kind of lost you here:

Sorry :frowning: – it’s getting hard to keep up in the forum!

When I tried to connect a switch between Traveler and Neutral like this.

It tripped the breaker

Hey @Automate – I’ll test this out on Monday with a multi-meter on my single-pole setup and report back any findings.

In the meantime, could you remind me what you have at the 3-Way side (an aux switch or a dumb switch)?

I was trying an Aux switch at the time the circuit breaker tripped but I’m also considering using a traditional 3-way / 4 -way switch.

But I’m an Electrical Engineer and really would like to understand how the traveler terminal is supposed to work as both an input to the switch and an output from the switch without any user configuration of the terminal. Knowing how it is supposed to work will help me decide how I’m going to wire it.

@EricM_Inovelli, did you get a chance to check the Traveler voltage when its not connected to anything? Both when the LZW30 is on and off.

@Automate Oh sorry, yeah, when I just tested it was ~53v when on & off.