Traveler vs. Load in a 3-way / 4-way

I want to install an Inovelli switch on a 4-way circuit. Currently the circuit is installed with a 4-way switch and 2 3-way switches. I am not sure how the wiring is actually laid out (I’m not sure exactly where the lights are connected in the curcuit). However, using a voltage detector I know that the power comes to one of the 3-way switches. So, I know which wire I would connect to “Line” and I can use the white wire from the same romex for the neutral. My question is, do I really need to determine which wire is actually the “load” and which is the “traveler”? I’m pretty sure when you have regular dumb 3-way switches it doesn’t matter, it just affects whether the up or down position on the switch actually activates the light. Do I risk damaging the Inovelli switch if I try and the “Load” and “Traveler” are reversed? Thanks

Line and neutral is mostly important for the Inovelli switch. You can cross load and traveler in a 3 and 4 way setup as long as it follows a typical wiring scheme. I’ve swapped my load and traveler while troubleshooting the smart switch installs many times.

What @harjms said. Technically, both of the two wires connected to the traveler and load terminals are travelers, so it doesn’t matter which goes to which. The switch has one labeled load for when it’s used in a 2-way configuration, where you do have to know which terminal to use for the load.

Great, thank you both!