Trouble wiring Red On/Off to Half Hot outlet

Running into an issue installing an red on/off as a switch for a half hot outlet.

Switch isnt powering on at all. I’ve tried 3 different on/offs so it isn’t a hardware fault. There’s 120v on the line. About 115 on the neutral and about 25v on the load… which I don’t quite understand.

I don’t get any power or activity on the switch.

Your neutral should not have voltage, that means it isn’t grounded… I would guess a broken neutral wire somewhere or incorrect wiring. I have several on/off reds on half hot outlets and they’re working fine; neutral and load do not have voltage.

If you have Romex, how many pertaining to the switch are there, 1 or 2?

If there is just one Romex or 2 conductors, how did you test.? Describe by the conductor color and don’t use terms like line and neutral, because if your “neutral” has voltage, then it’s not a neutral.

It might help if you posted pics of the switch box with the switch pulled and and so we can see clearly into the box.

Thanks for the replys. I didn’t have time to get to this again until now.

However, I double checked everything and I think I was just getting frustrated and I wasn’t looking at the scale on my multimeter. Neutral is grounded so no issue there.

However, I still can’t get this working. Into the switch is the shared hot for all 4 switches in the gang. I wired that to the line on the On/Off. The Neutral to the Neutral. Ground to ground.

There is a 2 conductor line from the wall outlet. The Black goes to a wire nut with other black lines in the gang and the red is what comes to the load on the switch. When I connect the red to the Inovelli load, with the line, neutral, and ground also connected… I don’t get any power to the switch… nothing happens.

Again I’ve tried 3 different On/Offs so I don’t think its a hardware failure.

But when I wire it back up to the dumb switch in the same configuration, the dumb switch works fine.

The reason we typically ask for good pics is because very often the descriptions don’t have enough information, aren’t accurate or just plain don’t make sense.

In your case, you are trying to wire a split receptacle’s switched portion to the Inovelli. Split receptables are commonly wired via a 3-wire with the neutral being sent over the white, the constant hot over the black and the switched hot over the red. But you stated that you have a 2-wire coming from the outlet, which generally doesn’t make sense unless the hot is being fed to the outlet first and it’s a switch loop.

You are also wiring a red to line on the switch, which does make sense for a split receptacle. Except a 2-wire doesn’t have a red. Or is that really a 3-wire going to the receptacle?

So I don’t think anyone will be able to help with that description, but you never know.

If you want to post pictures of the receptacle wiring and the switch wiring, so that we can see the connections and into the boxes as well, that might help.