Trouble with GE add-on switch

Hi, trying to get a Red dimmer working with a GE 12723 add-on switch. I’ve rigged a test circuit on my workbench where I have the Red dimmer load connected to the light fixture, with a traveler connected between the two switches. If I turn on the light from the Red switch I can successfully turn off/dim/brighten the light from the add-on switch. But if the light is off I can’t turn on the light from the add-on switch.

Any ideas? I’m hosed if I can’t get this working. Thanks.

Ok, I have it working. The problem was trying ti set the config correctly. I’m red-green color blind (as are many males) and I could not distinguish between the green and yellow LED bar. Had to get my wife to tell me when it changed from green to yellow.

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Care to share what config you did specifically?
I am attempting an identical setup and can’t get the add-on to play well.
I have config set to use switch type aux. (Config option 13)

I have two of the LZW30-SN setup in 3-way configs with GE add-on switches. One works 95% of the time both to turn on and off the light but the other GE add-on switch will only turn off the light like yours was. I’d be curious what you changed as well.


Once I set config 13 to aux everything worked for me. But I only have one switch currently installed. Maybe reset the switch to factory settings and start over?

I’ll give that a try thanks. My guess is one of my GE add-on switches is older than the other causing auto detection issues for that one?

Verify your config settings at both the hub and the switch. I’d specifically set it OFF the parameters you need, and then back ON the parameters you need.

The “only turns off” seems to be a common symptom config parameters not set correctly (and I have suspicion that it’s possible for hub and switch set parameters to not agree).