Troubleshooting 3-way wiring between two Red Dimmers

Hey guys!

I am trying to install two ‘Red Series Dimmer Switch (Z-Wave)’ switches in a 3 way set up (top and bottom of a flight of stairs) which control a single light fixture without any luck thus far.

Attaching diagram of how I have it wired currently for the top and bottom switches, as well as pictures of the original ‘before’ switches. The weirdest part is it worked at first, I turned on the light from the bottom of the stairs, ran upstairs and turned off from the top of the stairs, and then it hasn’t worked whatsoever in any capacity since. So I’m thinking some internal relay needs to be reset possibly, but also am looking for confirmation on my wiring to rule that out.

Presently only the bottom switch even shows color in the led strip (pale blue), but it doesn’t even turn on (blue light wont change) or allow me to configure it or even factory reset it when I hit the config button (just stays pale blue). The switch at the top of the stairs shows no power whatsoever. Just stumped and figured I needed to call in the big guns…

Thanks so much for your help, really appreciate it!

@thx - We’ll need to get constant hot from bottom switch to top switch. It’ll require wiring a constant hot from the two BLK wires on the bottom (needs wire nut and pigtail installed. Top switch may have to run without neutral.

Interesting ok. So you’re saying pigtail the black from set 1 and 2 on the bottom switch , with a connector to load and to line? So it carries a load to the top?

Could you describe the Sets like you previously did? But yes, because switch power at the top flips between the line and traveler, so it’s not receiving constant power.

For sure, appreciate the help. So it’s:

Bottom Switch has three romex coming into box, two 2-wire, and one 3-wire.

Set ‘B-1’: Comes in from top of box, 3-wire, black went to top left of old switch , white to bundle of whites (previously unconnected/capped), red went to top right side of old switch.

Set ‘B-2’: Comes in from bottom of box, black went to bottom right of old switch (along with black from Set B-3, white went to bundle of whites (previously unconnected/capped).

Set ‘B-3’: Comes in from bottom of box, black went to bottom right of old switch (along with black from Set B-2, white went to bundle of whites (previously unconnected/capped).

Top Switch has 2 romex, one 2-wire, one 3-wire:

Set ‘T-1’: Comes in from bottom of the box the 3-wire, black went to top left of old switch, red to top right of old switch, white to bundle of capped white with T-2 (previously unconnected).

Set ‘T-2’: Comes in from top of the box, black went to bottom right of old switch, white to capped/unconnected bundle with T-1.

So if I’m reading this right…

B-1 is the traveler between B and T switches.
B-2 or B-3 is constant hot (wire nut together and add pigtail to B_inovelli)
T-1 is traveler between B and T switches (edit: I just saw it was neutral (white)
T-2 is to Load. Your drawing has T-2 to line which is incorrect. Needs to go to load.

I’ll take your drawing and edit as best as I can.

@thx -

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Interesting ok, thanks for sending. So cap the red on both switches, and then then you’re saying wire nut B-1, B-2 and B-3 black’s together into the line on the bottom switch, T-2 Black to Load, T-1 Black to line, neutrals to neutrals?

Yep. Keep all WHT together, but add neutrals to each Inovelli. Move T-2 BLK to Load. T-1 BLK to LINE. Cap all BLK in B box (pigtail to Inovelli Line too).

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You’re the man! Will do that and report back. Thanks again.

After it’s wired. Be sure to read this !!!

OK it’s wired up per the discussion, bottom switch still a pale blue led color and won’t turn on or factory reset or enter config mode, top light now powers on normally, but doesn’t seem to control the light fixture yet. Going to read the link now to see if I can find a configuration issue in the switch, please let me know if anything jumps out to you though as wrong.

Thanks again!

@thx - It definitely needs to be configured for 3 way, but that shouldn’t stop the Top switch from turning on the light. Make sure the load is fully seated and the neutral is still attached going to the light. Make sure the wires are under the screw

Bottom switch won’t turn on the light until you associate the switches; however, you should be able to turn on the switch (won’t turn on light) and definitely be able to utilize config button. This dimmer may be bad?

Thanks man. It’s now powering up at both top and bottom switches with the same wiring, so thinking it may have been the switch itself like you said. Top switch with load now successfully controls the bulb.

Bottom switch does nothing yet, but figure I’m now in the association/config stage, any insight there would be greatly appreciated, but I’ll dig into the link you sent. Am I understanding the chart correctly that the 3-way switch parameter (#4) can’t be set at the switch? Has to be Z-wave?

Thanks again.

@thx - I’ve never done an association so honestly don’t know. However the directions don’t seem difficult. Just may need to go through the directions a couple of times or find Inovellis YouTube video.