Tunable white DH script

Is there a separate DH script for the tunable white bulbs? The DH page on the Inovelli website hasn’t been updated to include DHs for the multicolor or tunable white bulbs.

There is an incredible lack of information in your post, but I’m going to use my psychic powers and assume that “DH” might stand for “Device Handler,” which means you’re using SmartThings and that “script” might just refer to the code for this DTH/DH? If so, this is probably the one you’re looking for:

(Looking on their GitHub is usually easier than finding it on their website, in my experience, though you do have to guess at how the file is named.)

You have excellent psychic powers. Thank you

Oh, and old habit using script instead of code, from my old coding days. I was always told code refers to a compiled language and script is interpreted.

The DH/Drivers are code as they are compiled on the hub when installed.

I stand corrected. Been a while since I’ve done any coding.