Turning on/off dumb light quickly in HA dashboard causes brightness value to drop

I noticed that sometimes my dumb non-dimming dumb lights won’t turn on anymore and see that the brightness level is set to 0-1%. These lights don’t dim so at some level above 0% they just won’t turn on.

I was wondering why the dumb lights were sometimes in that state, requiring me to go into HA and manually set the values to 100% again.

Now I see that toggling the light through the HA dashboard relatively quickly (on and off) will drop the brightness level each time by some amount (seems to be ~50% each time).

These lights are connected directly to a blue dimmer switch.

Is there something in the switch settings that would cause this?

This isn’t a problem when actually using the physical buttons on the switch directly as I have automations forcing the brightness to 100% each time.

Are you in on/off mode? If so, 0 = off and anything else is on 100%.

It’s in non-smart-bulb on/off mode.

Can you record the screen with this happening?

This is interesting - I am seeing something very similar. I created an automation in HA (the inovelli blue is connected via z2m) where a double-down click is supposed to turn on the light (and another, both via node red lights - turn on), and a triple-down turns off the light (node red calls lights-turn off). Sometimes the double down results in no light, but HA shows the light is on at 0% brightness.

Light switch is set in a 3-way aux no neutral, in dimmer mode, not smart bulb. I turned off the double tap jump to brightness options, and have updated to 2.15.