UAE Switch Idea

An idea i have is. @Eric_Inovelli these designs are all amazing but I, (and im sure many others) would just want the same design of any of your light switches as they are the best (in my opinion) and most modern light switches in the market. I live in the UAE which uses the same power standard as the EU and UK. and i know many people that have bookmarked the inovelli website waiting for something like this!

PS: the light switches (in the UAE) are paddle bassed switches. Similar to the inovelli white switches (Inovelli White Series 2-1 Smart Switch • Works With HomeKit • Matter) these are amazing and extremely user friendly, like even my 87 yr old grandma can use them. Plus the EU branch of inovelli would benefit from having similarly designed light switches as the US branch which would make your company available worldwide; this would be and easy modification to the light switch (i would assume) you could just call up your manufacturer and just like that you just entered the global dimmer market; and im my expirience your dimmers are much more reliable from lutron and would be more globally available

Hey I moved your post to a new topic since, while the UAE shares the same voltage, it would still be a different hardware design so I didn’t want to get things mixed up in that thread.

Just to confirm, do you have the same style gang-boxes? If it’s a simple change from 120 to 240, then yeah, let me check to see what the costs would be. Are there any other countries that share the same switch design at 240V?


@Eric_Inovelli Correct! In the UAE we use the same 1gang and (mostly) 2gang switches.
I and many people i know have an IMessage group chat about smart homes in the UAE; In this group we talk about building a new smart home as the economic boom of abudhabi has allowed many people to build new houses. so i and many of my friends started this group chat.
one of my friends posted about how amazing it would be to have these great looking smart switches that integrate well with Home Assistant (the main platform we are using) and then the hunt began; we first noticed the shelly Qubino z-wave relays. we settled for them for a month but then the problems arised, eg. the delays while turning on/off the switch, and the fact that it stayed on the off side when turned on by the app. i then came across inovelli from the youtuber smart home solver.
he said beautiful things about this company and i decided to check it out. it did not have any switches at 240V that matched the style of any UAE house but all the inovelli white switches at 120v did. so then i came across this form and the typing began.
As for what other countries use one gang/2/3/4 gang switches (like the US) with 240v

  • United Kingdom: The UK uses a standard voltage of 230V (±10%), which effectively means appliances operate at around 240V.
  • Australia: Australia also uses 230V as the nominal voltage, with a similar tolerance, resulting in an effective voltage of around 240V.
  • New Zealand: Like Australia, New Zealand operates on a nominal voltage of 230V (±6%).
  • European Union: Many countries within the EU, such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, etc., use a standard voltage of 230V (±10%).
  • Russia: Russia generally uses a voltage of 230V.
  • South Africa: South Africa uses a voltage of 230V.
  • China: Parts of China use 220V, but some regions also use voltages closer to 240V.

So a good range for these asia/europe switches would be 220-240v and you could maybe create a “pro” version with mmwave like the blue motion with a range of 120v-240v

PS: It is actually so amazing to see a CEO of a company firsthand help his customers, I love your mission and keep on the good work.

btw dont name the products (if you wish to pursue my idea) eg, UAE smart switches, but instead call them “240v asia/europe switches” or something that indicates that it works universally around the world

(smart homes in general should be rid of wifi switches as they are slow and rely on WiFi) so what you make is the perfect replacment; i am honestly suprised that you are not as big as lutron rn

Certification and RF issues between ITU regions aside, how much would the per-unit cost increase on USA switches if they were to universally support 100-240V and 50/60 Hz for markets where they will fit into a wall box similar to the USA???

What’s the hertz for the region? 50 or 60hz?

@harjms @Eric_Inovelli @vreihen My bad i forgot something; in the UAE the voltage is 240/50hz For the USA the Voltage is 120/60 hz
Therefor a 240v-120v 50 hz/60 hz can run it at optimal power.
Most countries except like ±15 run at 50hz meaning that if You make a 120-240v 50/60hz light switch it would allow you to reach the global market.

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@Eric_Inovelli I also think that this style of light switches (just the same one as the ones you guys currently make) could me nice in certain houses in the EU and Most houses in china/asia (which use the same style as the ones you currently make) in my house in france; i have the Aqara Z1 pros which are the same style as these