Unable to delete device association - Hubitat

I installed the Z-wave association tool in Hubitat and tried associating one of my LZW31-SN Dimmers to an Ilumin bulb. I tried in group 2 and 3. It would turn the bulb off, but not on. I then deleted the association in the z-wave tool, however the association is still on the Dimmer and still turns off the bulb. I have not been able to determine a way to remove the association. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

ID 15 is the bulb I’m trying to remove from the dimmer

Screenshot of Dimmer Info

Screenshot of no z-wave associations in the tool

So to understand this you removed the device from the association but it still functions the same as it did ? Or it’s just showing the States that still have that info ?

The devices are still operating as if the association is in place, which the Dimmer shows the association is still in place. I would like to remove ID 15 for associationGroup2 and associationGroup3. I am just unsure of how to do that.

There is a SetAssociationGroup option in the device in hubitat for commands, but I’m unable to get that to work.

Show me a screenshot of the current states and the states below the settings and then the Data Values listed at the bottom.

I think if we just remove the stored states, which is easy, will fix the issue. I can even create a driver that will do this for others who have the same issue.

Thanks @anon64478871! Below are the requested screenshots. Appreciate the help!

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Ok I will write a driver for you tonight and have it ready for you tomorrow to switch too and remove those associations. That should restore normal usage for the effected devices.

Awesome! Thank you! I appreciate the help!

I haven’t forgotten about this. I’m tracking down the driver that set this in the first place.

Can you copy paste all the State Variables for me here ?

Thanks @anon64478871! Note that I tried to re-create the association today on group 2 and 3 and then removed them. It appears to have removed them?

State Variables
parameter2value : 101
parameter5value : 30
parameter21value : 1
actualAssociation4 : []
actualAssociation3 : []
parameter10value : 0
parameter8value : 0
desiredAssociation0 : 2
oldLabel : Fireplace Lights
parameter19value : 3600
desiredAssociation2 : []
parameter13value : 170
desiredAssociation1 : 0
desiredAssociation3 : []
rfProtectionState : 0
parameter22value : 0
lastRan : 1578087240792
parameter3value : 101
parameter9value : 100
parameter6value : 99
parameter17value : 3
localProtectionState : 0
parameter14value : 5
parameter11value : 0
associationGroups : 4
desiredAssociationnull : []
parameter7value : 0
parameter15value : 1
parameter4value : 101
parameter18value : 10
needfwUpdate : false
defaultG3 : []
actualAssociation2 : []
parameter1value : 2
defaultG2 : []
actualAssociation1 : [01]
defaultG1 : [01]
parameter20value : 10

Looks they are gone. See if the devices work correctly now.

Everything appears to be working correctly now. I appreciate your help! Now off to get the association working properly for dimming the bulbs on and off with the dimmer.

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