Unable to reset Inovelli RGBW Bulb

Hi guys!
I have 2 RGBW Inovelli Bulbs that I am unable to reset using the on/off six times where I am ensuring to take 1 second between on and off. My bulbs are stuck at a blue color. Not sure if it matters but I use a Smartthings V2 Hub; the bulbs are not on the Smarthings app as I have previously removed. Can anyone help?

Even though you have removed it, you should be able to do a general exclusion, which should also reset the bulb:

Exclusion (Factory Reset)

Before putting your hub/gateway in exclusion mode, remove power from the bulb (unscrew it, flip switch down, etc).

  1. With power removed from your bulb, put your hub/gateway in exclusion mode

  2. Restore power to the bulb and it should flash 2x indicating it’s in exclusion mode

  3. If successful, the bulb should flash a third time

In ST, you’ll find the general exclusion under the hub’s Zwave utilities.

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Of course. I am such a dummy when it comes to placing hubs in Exclusion Mode to ensure full deletion! This worked. I’ve got a happy wife now since she intends on using the bulbs in the nursey.

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We should all be so lucky!