Update Firmware via SmartThings

How can I manually update my firmware?

What hub do you have?

I’m using Smartthings with a v2 hub.

Oh… Unfortunately SmartThings does not support OTA at this time for Z-Wave. I feel your pain, I’m in the same boat.

If you want, we can update it for you, or if it’s something you want to invest in, if you pick up a Z-Stick (Z-Wave.me is probably my favorite, but there are a ton out there) and download free software from SiLabs to update your switches.

This is the one downfall of SmartThings. I really wish they’d get on board.

Interesting. So if I get a Z-stick, I could update by pairing the switches to that? Would I have to exclude from my ST hub first? I assume I would lose all my automation tied to it if so?

Are your switches Zigbee or Zwave? The thread you originally posted in was discussing a Zigbee switch, but in your case I suppose it could be either.

If it is Zwave, there are a couple ways to use the PC Controller. When you use it in the standalone mode, you do remove the switch from SmartThings. SmartThings has stopped deleting Routines if a device gets removed; however, to be safe, create a dummy virtual to insert into the Routine alongside the switch to be removed before you remove the switch.

There is a way to make the PC Controller a secondary controller within SmartThings so that you don’t have to remove the device. I have not had much success with that method, but others use it just fine. Inovelli support has/had an article on how to use the secondary controller method.

If by chance your device is Zigbee, the the PC Controller won’t work for that. You’ll need a different hub. See this thread for discussion:

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