Update Firmware via SmartThings

How can I manually update my firmware?

What hub do you have?

I’m using Smartthings with a v2 hub.

Oh… Unfortunately SmartThings does not support OTA at this time for Z-Wave. I feel your pain, I’m in the same boat.

If you want, we can update it for you, or if it’s something you want to invest in, if you pick up a Z-Stick (Z-Wave.me is probably my favorite, but there are a ton out there) and download free software from SiLabs to update your switches.

This is the one downfall of SmartThings. I really wish they’d get on board.

Interesting. So if I get a Z-stick, I could update by pairing the switches to that? Would I have to exclude from my ST hub first? I assume I would lose all my automation tied to it if so?

Are your switches Zigbee or Zwave? The thread you originally posted in was discussing a Zigbee switch, but in your case I suppose it could be either.

If it is Zwave, there are a couple ways to use the PC Controller. When you use it in the standalone mode, you do remove the switch from SmartThings. SmartThings has stopped deleting Routines if a device gets removed; however, to be safe, create a dummy virtual to insert into the Routine alongside the switch to be removed before you remove the switch.

There is a way to make the PC Controller a secondary controller within SmartThings so that you don’t have to remove the device. I have not had much success with that method, but others use it just fine. Inovelli support has/had an article on how to use the secondary controller method.

If by chance your device is Zigbee, the the PC Controller won’t work for that. You’ll need a different hub. See this thread for discussion:

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I’m sorry to jump in here so late, but I have a question. My SmartThings hub can and has updated the firmware on my Zigbee bulbs (Sylvania OSRAM Lightify). Why is it that SmartThings can do OTA updates on those bulbs but not the Inovelli switches?

I think that’s a question for the ST Engineers that has been avoided for the past couple years. I believe there was talks about allowing OTA after getting the big Edge push out, but maybe because that didn’t go so smooth they delayed OTA updates for certain devices?

Interesting to hear that. Particularly since Samsung has unequivocally stated that there are no plans to enable Zigbee OTA. Nayelyz in the ST forum reiterated that a few months ago.

Now that I think more about it, it was when the bulbs were on my previous Wink 2 hub that they were updated. I switched everything over to SmartThings a little over two years ago. It is disappointing that SmartThings cannot do the updates. If I’m going to the trouble of moving my devices over to some other system just to do updates, I’ll just leave them on that system and ditch the SmartThings hub just as I did the Wink hub.

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