Upgrade Program: Gen1 to Gen2

As an early Gen1 adopter, it would be great if there was a Gen2 trade-up program.

While I still have some switch spots available, I already have a pretty large Gen1 investment that would be cost prohibitive to swap to Gen2’s at normal pricing.

Keep up the the great work.

Gen1 are not compatible to mix with Gen2 ?

I do have Gen1 & Gen2 devices mixed in my Z-wave network. The reset function for the Gen1 devices (especially switch version - NZW30) can be a little brutal vs. a Gen2.

Ok, so it not an upgrade because you are stuck with only Gen1, but more so you can just upgrade / standardize your experience. Wouldn’t selling your old switch on ebay would be equivalent to a trade program, especially if the Gen1 are not useless, so it still hold value. This might allow you to upgrade at a much lower cost especially if you find the switch on rebate.