Using an Inovelli Switch as a Scene Controller/Remote for Fan controlled through Bond

Ok, so this one is an odd question.

I have a fan in the living room that is controlled by an RF remote. I got a Bond when we replaced the fans so that it can control all three RF fans. It works well through Home Assistant, Alexa and Smart Things.

I have an empty switch slot where my old GE Z Wave Fan remote was, so I was thinking of putting an Inovelli Red Switch in there, disable local control and only use it for Scenes, including controlling the fan.

What I don’t know is, can I power this switch with the line/load wires that go to the fan? I do have a neutral wire. Since local control will be turned off, the fan should always be receiving power and won’t be dimmed or controlled by the switch. I would basically be stealing some power from the fan circuit to energize the switch.

Would the switch introduce any adverse power draw or reduction to the fan circuitry if wired this way?

Fan is a Montecarlo 60" Empire. The old switch was removed and the line and load wires connected together.

Yes, you can. The switch just needs a hot and a neutral to function as a scene controller.

But I would leave the fan wiring as-is and just pigtail a hot and neutral to the switch.

Awesome, thank you