Using Dimmer as regular switch

Just wondering , can I use the new Dimmer switches with regular non smart non dimmable lights ? I don’t really need a dimmer switch now, but I want to be future proof. So can I use dimmer as regular switches for now and when I decide to upgrade the lights, I will use the full potential of it.


I have done this in several rooms where I don’t have dimmable bulbs yet. I set the local and z-wave levels to 99% and the ramp rate to instant and there is no noticeable ramp up for on/off. It works like a regular on/off switch.

Thanks for your response… I am assuming u have a smartthings ? I use home assistant. Is this possible in HA ?

It’s not good for the bulbs though. You typically can use dimmer bulbs with non dimmable switches not today shouldn’t do it the other way around

Yeah someone here last week was trying to use the Inovelli dimmer with non-dimming bulbs and they flickered like crazy. A dimmer at 100% is not the same as an on/off switch. Depends on the bulbs as to whether you can get away with it.