Using Favorite/Config single-click to set brightness without smart home

I’m using an Inovelli Blue VZM31-SN and Home Assistant with Zigbee2MQTT.

Is there a way to use the single-click of the config button to set it to a specific brightness without the use of Home Assistant? I can, and know how to create single/double/triple click automations within home assistant to set the brightness of the light. But, I’d like my Innovelli switches to have base functionality similar to a dumb switch for my guests. And that is single-click up/down = on/off, double-click up/down = full brightness/dimmest setting, hold-up/down = brighten/dim. The only button that eludes me is the button to “set the brightness to X value”.

Can this be done without the use of home assistant?

If the answer is that it can’t be done without a hub, I’ll take it. I rather know that a hub is required than spend a half an hour every night googling for answers.

With current firmware it cannot be done without a hub.

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You can do it without home assistant if you use zigbee2mqtt and node red. But bottom line is you need automations to make it work

You still need a machine running node red

Does the Blue have the double tap up and down to go to a preset level, or is that only on the Red?

The Red allows a double tap up and/or double tap down to go to a set level.

Blues have it for the up and down paddle in relation to parameter 55 and 56.

That’s true but so does zigbee2mqtt