Using Inovelli Red Series Dimmer to remote dim 1-10v led controller

Can the Red Series Dimmer remote control a 1-10v dimmer controller?

I’ll ask the question first then explain this weird setup idea.

We’re getting an expensive Dyson Cu Beam duo. (I had no say in this.)

Dimming options are: 0-10v, 1-10v, PWM and Dali.

I plan to use two 1-10v zigbee controllers.

First controller to control the power split (between the down light and the top up light)
Second controller to control the dimming function.

Using node-red, and putting 2 inovelli light switches into “remote” mode can I control each zigbee controller reliably?

Anyone got a better solution/idea?

@kerryandjane - Are you using a hub to complete the translation?

I’m not familiar with the Dyson Cu Beam (Imma google this).

You weren’t kidding on expensive…I’m always taking donations. If this light doesn’t fit in the design, I’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands.

I use Homeassistant on. Raspberry pi4.

About the light, I don’t want it. With all this trouble I’m having automating it is driving me mad. It’s an expensive light with very very limited switch options. But… the wife wants it. She let me rig the whole house so it’s the least I could do.

Since the Inovelli’s use zwave, and you mentioned zigbee controllers for the 0-10v, I think your main limitation is what you can accomplish using automations in Home Assistant. The Inovelli dimmers would not be able to control the zigbee devices directly, and HA will need to control the devices based on Scene information received from the Inovelli Dimmers.

You might be able to get away with a single Inovelli, and use the multi-tap or config button scenes to set up automations that control the power split.

The bigger challenge will be getting dimming to work in a satisfactory way. You can easily trigger an automation for holding down one of the paddle buttons, or when you release the button, but getting your zigbee devices to start dimming when holding down the button and them stop dimming when you release may be a bit of an issue.

The LED indicator light on the Inovelli Dimmer also will not sync up with the dimmer level if you go this route.

Do you have the option of using zwave 1-10v controllers instead of zigbee? If so, it would likely make the whole thing easier to set up, faster, and more resilient (you can use associations, which means you can still control the light even if HA goes offline)

Good information. I’ve come to the same conclusion as you, smooth dimming will be an issue. Someone did write some solid node red nodes to control even the hold up/down dim function. Still untested though.

I didn’t know zwave associations works this way. I imagine I’ll still have a smooth dimming problem.
Yes, I do have that option. They should be here Monday. Due to COVID-19 it’s taken over 2 months, but it’ll be here. Thanks for you input.

About the led strip sync, I seem to have that issue with all my associations. Known issue when using two inovelli switches in a 3way.
I only use led strip for notifications anyway.

I have 2 inovelli dimmers in a 3-way, and am able to keep the LEDs in sync. Have you seen this post?

Yup, I see the first con is the same in the 3way warning too. Or is that when the traveler wire is used in the 3 way setup instead of associations?

My house is still under construction I’m still only working in “theory” and test rigs. 3 weeks away until move in date.

The Status LED (to show brightness level) would be in sync with this method, but LED notifications (such as setting the LED light to blink when the garage door is left open, etc) are not synced. If you want both dimmer to blink the LED when the garage is left open, you would have to send the command to each dimmer individually.

Good info. I stayed up till 2 getting the unsupported zigbee controller going. Until 3 scripting to make sure it stays temporarily supported.

Todays goal is to mess with dimming and probably fixing those 3am scripts haha.

Thanks for taking the time.