Visual Notification Calculator v3 Released

A new switch means a new release for the visual calculator. Here’s the highlights for this release:

:star2: New

  • Support for LZW36 Fan + Light Dimmer (Project Hurricane) - Includes individual LED support so that you can see how both LEDs look together.

  • Support for Raw and Driver Based Calculations for LEDs - Adjust the LED color calculation for Hubitat, SmartThings and other drivers that use LED color values that match the standard color wheel. This can be selected in the options.
    Note: That some values may be skipped because there are only 255/256 colors available within those 360 values.

Deployed @

As always, feedback is welcomed!


Thanks @nathanfiscus! As always, the page looks great! Easy to use, well laid out, functional.

Quick question - for the fan/light combo, do you happen to know if the blink and chase patterns while two are activated are what timing to expect when we get the switch or an approximated time for now?

What I mean is, if the two are set to fast blink, will they always be in sync between the two lights on the same switch? With chase set for both switches, will they line up like pictured?

Thanks again for your hard work on this, it looks great!

What you see in the application should be really close. The switch does nothing to keep the patterns in sync, each LED is independent from the other. So if I send the same notification value to each LED at separate times I will get a staggered effect between the two LEDS or in other words one could be on while the other is off.

Does that answer your question?

As always, thanks @nathanfiscus!!! This is the coolest tool :slight_smile:

We actually use this a lot internally with customer service tickets, so thank you!

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Are there plans to update the red series switch to have white LEDs like the red series dimmers?

Also just noticed that the “white” setting (255) on the calculator only shows white on the light/fan switch, but not the dimmer.

Yes, we are working on this :slight_smile: - should be in the next release.

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Yes that is correct. The production version of the firmware for the LZW31-SN does not yet have support for white yet. Once that firmware is out of beta, I will make sure that the calculator supports it.