Visual Notification LED Calculator Updated for LZW31-SN Dimmer

I have updated my visual calculator to support the recently released LZW31-SN Dimmer. You can find the tool here: .


  • Support for both the LZW30-SN (On-Off) and LZW31-SN (Dimmer)
  • PWA (Progressive Web App) - This means you can install to your local device (phone,tablet,laptop, etc.) and use without an internet connection.
  • Improved animation accuracy vs previous version.

A couple side notes and a maybe @EricM_Inovelli can address these:

  • I was unable to get a “White” color, as listed in the Excel file in my tests for the dimmer. It appears that the color codes for the dimmer are the same as the on/off switch.
    White, as listed in the Excel tool, is coming in a future firmware upgrade per @Eric_Inovelli

  • Those of you using Home Assistant will need to re-pair your switches in order to use notification values above 83823359. The config for the LZW31-SN dimmer in the Inovelli GitHub repo for OpenZWave needs to be changed to 100600575. Before re-pairing you will need the file updated. I opened a pull request for the config to change that value. Pull Request:
    This is now merged now, just make sure you have the latest configuration files.

Any feedback is welcomed and more features are coming! Thanks to Inovelli for making these awesome switches!

Previous users of the tool may need to clear their cache or do a hard refresh in order to see the latest changes.


Oh man @nathanfiscus, this is amazing – thank you so much for posting this.

Yes, this is correct – we will be modifying the firmware to add white in at a later time. Great catch!

Thanks again for all you do and for this resource – truly an amazing job!

Thanks for the catch and thanks again for the LED calculator! I’ve merged your pull request. :slight_smile:

Super nice tool.
The only feedback I have would be to show the parameter number one is setting (e.g. parameter 16 for the dimmer).
This would save folks from having to dig up the parameter sheet.
That said, feel free to ignore the suggestion if it introduces too much work/book keeping on your part.

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Just a friendly request, if at all possible in the future. I know this is a voluntary project.

If at all possible, it would be helpful to have a parameter decoder function. For instance, where you can put in an existing configuration value and have the calculator decode what the indicator should show.

This would be helpful in situations where you need to make a small change to an indicator parameter (i.e. change from brightness 5 to brightness 10) but don’t remember the specific values previously used.

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Nice, It would also be cool to have the value as hex!

This is a very cool app- thanks for the work on it!

Nice! Please don’t just reserve one color value (like 00) to be white, and instead add a full byte of saturation so we can get the full Hue (color), Saturation, and Brightness.

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This app is great! I have the latest firmware that supports white, but cannot find how to set it in the calculator… Am I missing something? (I’m using the app linked in the first post (notification-calc))

Is there an Excel tool that is available somewhere to be able to set the indicator to white?

@SViel, I’m working on adding firmware support to the application. This will allow people to switch the calculator to a firmware that matches the firmware revision on their device. It isn’t a requirement to upgrade the firmware on the switches, so I want to make sure that the calculator supports those users as well. In the meantime you can pull the color slider all the way to the right (255) to produce the same calculated value for white, the effect shown in the app will just be red instead of white.

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Looking forward to the updated app, and thanks for the tip! I will try that right away.

This has been resolved with the latest release.

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