VZW31-SN Looking to make a default settings for my new Inovelli Switches

New Inovelli user here. After hearing about the recommendation during the Linus fiasco (I run GE Embrighten for the past few years (27 of them) and had the same headaches with firmware and now that they opened it up and providing integration for the community is awesome. But once I saw what Inovelli can do and the design, I fell in love and ordered a 10 pack of the Phoenix run of switches. Installed 5 so far and I LOVE these switches!!! I want some Zwave fan switches to come out. I dont like running zigbee unless I have to. I have about 20 Zigbee devices on my network. But I have fans that run RF remote, so I just need ON/Off, but I take it with how an A/C motor operates with frequencies and such, tahts why these are not for any FAN or device’s, only lights. So I hope the Fan switches can be just an On/Off swtich mode. It would be nice if Inovelli added RF transciever to their switches so it can control RF fans or RF equipment in the room… i.e. a room/window A/C, a ceiling or stand fan, etc… And have the frequency and DIP swith settings/learn in the config screen… that would be a game changing switch as NO ONE on the market has this… there are open source projects for adding RF to an ESP32/8266 and seting up to control your RF devices in Home Assistant.

But back to my question… Is there a way to make it so all my Inovelli RED series switches pull down the same config on inclution? I have a set of peramiters I want to apply to all my switches and adding each one and going down the list of configs is a PITA… But then be able to adjust the individual settings after the inclution…

What hub are you using?

I am using Home Assistant with a Zwave stick for my setup. Zwave JS

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You can write a script like this one: Home Assistant - Blueprint to Change Multiple Switch LED Colors Simultaneously and add commands for each of the parameters you want to configure. Then you can add your new switches and then run the script on those switches to set the defaults.

Thank you for the pointer!

I am just now started to get in and learn the more advanced features of HA like Script/Helpers/Templates… So I will take a look at doing a script to run on first add! I didnt think of that! :smiley: